Stamp massage

Herbal stamp massage

Herbal stamps originated in Thailand, centuries ago - but many parts of the world have a vast knowledge of herbalism, traditionally.
One of the simplest uses of herbs is to make an infusion to drink or inhale...

So what kind of herbal treatment are we talking about in the context of massage? The Thais have come up with a rather simple but effective way: a herbal mixture is placed in a piece of tightly wrapped cloth, which makes a stamp, filled with herbs - where the knot serves as a handle.

Herbs in massage

Herbs contain nutrients and healing substances, help combat a variety of ailments and regulate mood. At the same time, it's crucial to pay attention to the types of herbs, dosage and contraindications; as with any other substance - a cure could turn poison in the wrong hands... and the other way around.

Human skin easily absorbs herbal minerals and vitamins, thanks to sebaceous glands, hair follicles and blood vessels. The greater the congestion of skin, the easier the absorption of externally administered ingredients.

Stamping the body with herbs

Massaging with specific herbs, fruits and spices causes their active substances to easily penetrate deep into the skin. Herbal stamps are heated in steam, and then soaked in a fragrant, hot oil.

Herbal stamps are applied part by part to the entire body. The stamping is relatively short in the beginning of the session, since a freshly heated stamp is very hot; but, once the initial stamps cool down a bit, and the body gets used to a higher temperature, it can last a significantly longer time. The stamps are cyclically replaced during the session, to maintain proper temperature.

Relaxing or therapeutic effect

Herbal stamps can be applied in alignment with the energy points (meridians). Keeping herbal stamps on specific points for a longer period of time, combined with massaging them, changes the nature of the massage from relaxing to therapeutic.

Such a herbal massage improves the functioning of the entire body. By affecting several senses at once, a stamp massage is an unforgettable experience - and it also helps regenerate the body, improves circulation and relaxes tense muscles and joints.

Herbal stamps moisturize and lubricate the skin (and overall improve its' appearance) and have an analgesic effect. By stimulating metabolism, they assist in losing weight and reduce cellulite. They're also a great support for the immune system.

Advantages of a herbal stamp massage:

  • Effects of herbal aromas (relaxing, stimulating or calming),
  • Supports natural regeneration mechanisms,
  • Warms up the body, strengthens the immune system,
  • Reduces the effects of stress, relaxes muscles and joints,
  • Increases mobility,
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects,
  • Delays skin aging, improves appearance, removes dead epidermis cells.

Indications for massage with herbal stamps:

  • Physical and mental exhaustion, excessive stress,
  • Sore, overloaded, tense muscles and joints,
  • States of anxiety and depression,
  • Dry, neglected, graying skin,
  • Obesity and cellulite, stimulation of metabolism,
  • Weakened body, low immunity.

Contraindications to massage with herbal stamps:

  • Injuries, ulcers, blisters and other skin diseases,
  • Vascular skin, broken capillaries,
  • Inflammatory and febrile conditions, asthma, cough,
  • Clots; problems with blood clotting and circulation,
  • Allergies to components of herbal stamps,
  • Fractures and dislocations,
  • Mensturation, pregnancy,
  • Silicone prostheses.

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