Acupressure / reflexology / shiatsu
Hand acupressure for hand and wrist strains

The use of various pressure techniques in therapy

Several thousand years ago, the Chinese discovered that touch transmits energy - and so, it makes sense that it's able to influence the body in positive ways. But that wasn't the end of the story; long ago, a brave Chinese warrior was stabbed in the big toe with a stone on the battlefield - and, miraculously, his headache stopped...

Since then, people started contemplating and experimenting with the connections between various points on the surface of the skin and internal organs. Thus was born the Chinese art of acupressure, which involves pressing, tapping, stroking or touching - of several hundred specific body points, in total.

The origins of acupressure date back to the third millennium BC, according to its' proponents. It was first used in China, then made its' way to Japan and other Far Eastern countries. As for Poland, it appeared here in the 1980s.

Acupressure, reflexology, shiatsu - similarities and differences.

Acupressure is a method derived from Chinese medicine, while shiatsu is its' Japanese variation, based on modified Chinese concepts. Both methods are applied to the entire body - from feet to the head. As for reflexology it is also based on Chinese philosophy - but only applied to the face, hands, feet and ears.

All of these methods involve applying pressure to specific points on the human body, which correspond to a particular body function/area affected by the dysfunction.
For example: For someone suffering from notorious headaches, the therapist will apply pressure to points located on the neck, face and head.
However, for someone who has a displaced disc, such as at the L1-L5 level - the therapist will apply pressure to the lumbosacral region of the spine.

Effects of compression techniques on the patient's body:

  • General restoration of mental and physical health,
  • Improving well-being, restoring freshness and vitality,
  • Strengthening of internal organs including the heart,
  • Strengthening the body's immunity, removing fatigue,
  • Raising or equalizing energy levels,
  • Achieving inner harmony,
  • Stimulation of energies in the body,
  • Removal of painful conditions.Wskazania dla technik uciskowych

Indications for compression techniques:

Need for pain relief:

  • Headaches of various origins,
  • Back area pain,
  • Lower back pain,
  • Rheumatic pains,
  • Neuralgia,
  • Muscular pains.

Neurological diseases:

  • Diseases of nerve roots and plexuses,
  • Dizziness,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Limb movement disorders,
  • Sensory disorders of the limbs,
  • Muscle weakness and atrophy.

Diseases of the digestive system:

  • Ulcers of the stomach and duodenum,
  • Torsions,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Intestinal colic,
  • Indigestion,
  • Gastritis,
  • Intestinal diseases,
  • Liver and gall bladder diseases.

Respiratory diseases:

  • Asthma,
  • Rhinitis,
  • Inflammation of the throat,
  • Sinusitis,
  • Bronchitis,
  • Cough.

Cardiovascular diseases:

  • Hypertension and hypotension,
  • Ischemic heart disease,
  • Cardiac rhythm disorders,
  • Atherosclerosis,
  • Circulation disorders of the limbs.

Diseases of the genitourinary system:

  • Inflammatory conditions,
  • Limb oedema of renal origin,
  • Menstrual disorders,
  • Menopause disorders.


  • Keratitis,
  • Conjunctivitis,
  • Optic nerve diseases,
  • Tearing (lacrimation).

Mental disorders:

  • Mental exhaustion,
  • Sleep disorders,
  • Neuroses.

Contraindications for pressure techniques:

  • Myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, cardiac insufficiency, post-infarction states,
  • Inflammation of the appendix, renal pelvis and pancreas,
  • Acute infectious and febrile diseases of unclear origin,
  • Chronic infectious diseases in the stage of exacerbation,
  • Embolisms in acute stage and coronary artery thromboses,
  • Cirrhosis and stomach/duodenum ulcers,
  • Tumors, strokes, hemophilia and leukemia,
  • Inflammatory conditions, edema and varicose veins,
  • Pregnancy and menstruation,
  • Infectious diseases,
  • Bone fractures,
  • Some mental illnesses,
  • Severe desolation in the body.

Bio-regeneration, beauty treatments and massages: cosmetic acupuncture, anti-cellulite massage, chakra cleansing, quantum bioanalysis of the state of the body:

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