Energy healing

Energy healing / Pranic healing

During energy/pranic healing, the therapist's hands are very sensitive, so that they can feel the patient's energy body. The therapist has to be fluent in the difficult art of energy cleansing, stabilizing the transferred energy and releasing it, as well as cutting energy cords.

The ability to heal at a distance

As a therapist, I supplement the body's self-healing power, enhance divine healing, and use distance healing and remote chi (energy) transmission.

Healing is done using the energy/prana flowing through the hand chakras. Positive energy is white in color, enriched with the colors of the rainbow.

As an experienced therapist, I am able to transmit energy of the color (frequency) of your choice, as well as with a specific function - appropriate to your health needs. Among others - internal organs and the osteoarticular system benefit greatly from the latter.

Examples of energy/pranic healing

Mrs. Ela - complained about pain in her knees. One was subjected to surgery, and the other to energy treatments. The latter knee hurts much less, the patient is satisfied, and, most importantly, she regained the ability to walk without trouble.

Ms. Gosia from Bydgoszcz - treated remotely. She had bad kidneys, swollen feet and legs. After we conducted a few sessions, the swelling decreased significantly, and the patient feels much better.

Mrs. Krysia - complained of neck pain. Just after the first treatment, she felt less discomfort. After four of them, the neck pain disappeared.

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