Therapeutic radiesthesia

Therapeutic radiesthesia

Changes and weakening of the body's energy fields are the first signs that signal the process of disease formation - even before the appearance of commonly recognized external symptoms.

Diagnosing disorders of natural energy field

Using radiesthetic pendulums, the therapist checks organs, detecting disturbances in their energy fields. Then, sending the right amount of energy of proper frequency, the therapist restores its' natural balance, which reactivates the body's self-healing processes.

Healing power of radiesthesia

Radiesthetic treatments serve a healing function. First, the therapist disconnects the sick body from sources of influences interfering with the flow of its' natural energy. Then they perform a cleansing of interfering energies, and lastly - irradiate the body with energy in order to replenish its' natural energy level.

Therapeutic application of radiesthesia

Therapeutic radiesthesia should primarily be used in cases of disruption of the biofield, which protects the body from harmful, external, energetic influences.

A completely healthy human body needs a variety of stable, but diverse energies and their harmonious coexistence. During the healing process, the therapist removes unnecessary negative energy in all its' varieties from the sick patient. Only then does he saturate the body with healthy, life-promoting energies.

Effective diagnosis and regulation of the energy changes in the body's polarity fields limits the development of many diseases. It also empowers the immune system to more effectively fight the disease, thanks to which symptoms are reduced and healing takes place.

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