Polynesian massage with coconut bowls
Relaxing massage with coconut bowls

Polynesian massage with coconut bowls - oxygenating and invigorating

Polynesian massage comes from the ancient Polynesian art of healing. It works on many levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Somewhat reminiscent of dancing, as the masseuse moves in harmony with the sounds of music while working with the patient's body. The Polynesian massage makes the body relax and calms the mind.

Comprehensive effects of Polynesian massage

During a Polynesian massage, the body can be given a cleansing peel with substances that smooth and firm the skin. The wafting exotic, tropical scents intensively affect the sense of smell and stimulate the other senses. The pleasant, smooth, gentle touch accompanying this massage unblocks and restores the flow of energy through the body.

During a Polynesian massage, deeper inner feelings of holistic body perception and awareness can emerge. Polynesian massage raises energy levels, releases muscular and mental tensions, and significantly reduces stress levels, bringing harmony between body and mind. It also significantly increases the range of mobility of the head and joints.

Coconut bowls for Polynesian massage

The bowls are made of coconut shells - smoothed out and extremely soft, they are heated before use. Coconut massage bowls support the therapist during their work and accelerate the relaxation of the body of the person being massaged.

The bowls are also used to spread the substances that nourish and stimulate the skin, as well as deeper layers, adjacent to the massaged areas.


  • Cleansing, nourishing, smoothing and moisturizing the skin; strengthening the epidermis,
  • Anti-cellulite, firming and anti-stretch mark effect,
  • Relaxation of the body, improvement of mood,
  • Relaxation of tense muscles, stress release,
  • Improved functioning of the lymphatic system.

Indications for Polynesian massage:

  • Dry or sensitive skin in need of nourishment and regeneration,
  • Tendency to losing skin firmness and forming stretch marks,
  • Fatigue, stress, prolonged tension,
  • Tendency to swelling, water cellulite.

Contraindications for Polynesian massage:

  • Skin injuries and diseases, varicose veins (they exclude leg massage),
  • Cancers, serious cardiovascular diseases,
  • Rheumatoid diseases in acute and subacute stages,
  • Atherosclerosis, hypertension, epilepsy,
  • Surface feeling disorders,
  • Infectious diseases,
  • Pregnancy, the first days of menstruation,
  • Feverish condition (about 39 degrees C and above).

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