Cosmetic paraffin treatment for hands and feet

Cosmetic paraffin treatment for hands and feet

Paraffin treatment for hands and feet supports the reconstruction of the lipid coat of the skin, protects the skin from excessive dryness, and softens the epidermis while making it more flexible. It prevents skin cracking and reduces the feeling of roughness.

Paraffin improves the absorption of nutrients from beauty masks, creams and conditioners. It stimulates microcirculation and metabolism, lubricates, nourishes and regenerates the skin. Such properties cannot be found even in the most intensively moisturizing creams

Cosmetic paraffin and its' remarkable properties

Cosmetic paraffin is transparent, and contains natural, oily, lubricating substances. It has moisturizing properties, improves and restores skin elasticity. Liquid, heated paraffin keeps warm for a long time. Applied to the skin, it forms a layer which retains moisture inside the epidermis.

The melting point of paraffin is about 42-45 degrees Celsius. This makes it slightly warmer than the temperature of the human body, which means it can be comfortably applied directly to the skin. The heat of the heated paraffin penetrates the deep tissues and increases their temperature.

Hot paraffin opens the pores and allows active substances or nutrients to be absorbed deep into the skin. As it gradually cools down, after about 15-20 minutes, it closes the dilated pores, trapping the absorbed skin care products under the skin

Indications for paraffin treatment:

  • Dry, sun-damaged skin
  • Keratosis and cracking of the epidermis
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Blood circulation issues.

Contraindications to paraffin treatment:

  • Mycosis, viral and bacterial diseases
  • Warts, damage to the epidermis, cracking blood vessels
  • Varicose veins, osteoporosis

Paraffin treatment is an ideal way to regenerate dry, damaged skin on hands and feet. The effects of paraffin treatment are quickly visible - already after the first application. The skin becomes smoother, soft, elastic and pleasant to the touch.

Contraindications to massage

General contraindications to the performance of massage therapy

General contraindications to the massage are diseases and illnesses, as well as any other conditions, that exclude or limit the ability to perform the massage.
This is why we conduct a thorough interview with the client before we proceed with the treatment. At the first visit we conduct a detailed medical interview, and at subsequent visits we update it with current information.

First - do no harm

Absolute contraindications, both general and local, do not allow a massage session. Relative recommendations place certain restrictions on the type, extent, area, time and timing of the massage.

Any refraining from treatments, similarly, is always for the purpose of well-being of our patients. For ethical reasons, we refrain from any action that could lead to deterioration of health.

A list of basic contraindications to performing a massage:

  • Menstruation,
  • Inflammatory and febrile conditions,
  • Viral hepatitis, pancreatitis,
  • Infectious, bacterial, viral, parasitic diseases, tuberculosis
  • Hemorrhages or threat of hemorrhages, hemophilia,
  • Purulent conditions, fresh blood clots, advanced coronary atherosclerosis,
  • Syringomyelia, osteomyelitis with fistulas,
  • Skin diseases, eczema, blisters, ulcers, tissue disruption,
  • Varicose veins, lower leg ulcers, phlebitis, aneurysms,
  • Burger disease (stages III and IV),
  • Bone fragility and early stages after bone fracture,
  • States after surgical correction of scoliosis + after laminectomy procedures,
  • Early states after ruptures and tears of muscles, tendons and fascia,
  • Uncompensated heart defects,
  • Ailments with neurological defects,
  • Hemorrhagic diathesis,
  • Muscle atrophy,
  • Parkinsonian tremor,
  • Neoplasms.

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