Information about courses

General information about massage courses

The basis of our massage course is practice, practice and more practice. And then some ;) theoretical knowledge. Being great at massage theory alone will not help you much, so we focus on intense practice - leaving the scientific foundation of the course to be explored mostly at home, thanks to self-study materials. Every participant receives a diploma for completing a course.

Courses include:

Pre-massage preparation:

  • Workplace preparation,
  • Receiving the client,
  • Interview to assess contraindications.

During the massage:

  • Massage pace,
  • Massage area,
  • "Working with the towel",
  • Techniques used,
  • Conversation with the client,
  • Time and timing of treatments,
  • Position of the patient during the massage,
  • Frequency of the massage,
  • Oil temperature.

After the massage:

  • "A moment to yourself",
  • Conversation,
  • Rest.

Bio-regeneration, beauty treatments and massages: cosmetic acupuncture, anti-cellulite massage, chakra cleansing, quantum bioanalysis of the state of the body:

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