Bamboo stick massage
Bamboo stick massage

Bamboo stick massage

This type of massage uses bamboo sticks, poles and stalks of various sizes and lengths. Large pieces of bamboo stimulate deep tissues, and smaller ones, being more flexible, conform well to the shape of the muscles.

It was invented, based on oriental techniques, by Gil Amsallem - a renowned French massage therapist and kinesiotherapist, and author of many wellness programs for luxury spas.

A wide range of techniques

Heated pieces of bamboo give off heat during the massage, which is accompanied by the use of aromatic oils. The wealth of possible techniques used on the body is astounding: rolling, patting, pressing, rubbing, sliding, screwing, brushing and many others are performed with varying intensity and pace.

Bamboo massage quickly stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the body, and its' effects are long-lasting. It's wonderful for eliminating stress and its' effects, relaxing tension, strengthening and stimulation of the body and it serves as an overall well-being inducer. It has a beneficial effect on the elasticity of tendons and muscles.

Massage with bamboo sticks helps shape and stimulate the entire body, from feet to face. It firms the skin and reduces cellulite.

Natural properties of bamboo

This type of wood is very often used in massage tools. Bamboo extremely rarely causes allergic reactions, does not irritate the skin, and has an extra bactericidal effect.

Even the largest used bamboo stalks are lightweight, yet sturdy - making it easy for the masseur to work with. Larger pieces of bamboo make it possible to reach deep tissues, which are usually difficult to access.

Bamboo sticks and brooms are natural piezoelectrics - being rich in silicone - and moving bamboo sticks over the body actually creates an electrical charge. You can feel it as a boost of energy.

Indications for bamboo massage:

  • Stress, exhaustion, bad mood,
  • Muscle pain, headaches and back pain,
  • Low oxygenation of the body, resulting from lack of physical activity,
  • Poor skin condition.

Contraindications to massage with bamboo:

  • Hemorrhage or the risk of its' occurrence,
  • Wounds or scars in the early stages of development,
  • Tumors, enlarged lymph nodes,
  • Diseases with inflammation,
  • Pregnancy.

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