Reiki - the energy you need to live a healthy life

The healing method know as reiki originates from the Far East. It is a gentle, painless and intensely relaxing therapy, aiming to bring balance and holistic healing to the patient.

Fundamentally, reiki is the energy needed by all living beings - essential for proper living and functioning. It flows in our bodies like blood, allowing us to enjoy every second of our lives. Feelings of joy, love, overwhelming happiness or a state of rapture are signs of reiki energy circulating unhindered through the body.

What is your energy state?

Life requires constant replenishment of energy through food, meditation, prayer, regeneration, sleep... Deficiencies of vital energy and disturbances in its' flow become the causes of apathy (lack of faith in significance of life), prolong convalescence and cause accelerated aging. But they are also the sources of many serious diseases.

Reiki therapy unblocks this energy, restoring its' natural flow in the patient's body; it brings balance to the body and mind.
This energetic practice has a great effect on the spheres of body, emotion and soul.

Healing support

While reiki should not replace standard medical care, it helps reduce the frequency of visits to the doctor. Reiki supports both conventional and unconventional medicine, by allowing much faster recovery.

The precise amount of sessions needed to restore the body's energy balance depends on the health condition, fortitude and individual predisposition of the patient.

Indications for the use of reiki:

  • Eliminating the effects of neurosis and long-term stress,
  • Restoration of emotional balance,
  • Removing symptoms of psychophysical exhaustion,
  • Removing sleep disorders,
  • Regeneration of damaged tissues,
  • Accelerating healing processes after injuries and surgical procedures,
  • Restoring efficiency of the immune system,
  • Rebuilding the body's natural immunity,
  • Regeneration of endocrine glands,
  • Regulation of the hormonal system,
  • Healing disorders and irregularity of the menstrual cycle,
  • Fighting allergies and long-term infections,
  • Strengthening of internal organs and improving their functioning.

Bio-regeneration, beauty treatments and massages: cosmetic acupuncture, anti-cellulite massage, chakra cleansing, quantum bioanalysis of the state of the body:

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