Massage with chinese cupp

Cupping therapy for beauty and health

Chinese cupping therapy involves pressing a bubble, placed on the patient's body, in order to create a suction effect on the skin and adjacent subcutaneous tissues.

The vacuum created by the bubble causes certain amounts of white and red blood cells to be sucked out of small blood vessels. After this extravasation, your body considers them as "foreign bodies" and removes them. To facilitate the work of the masseur and increase the glide of the bubble over skin, the massaged areas are rubbed with oil.

Cupping therapy and its' effects

Chinese bubbles are a variation of vacuum bubbles - made of rubber. Acupuncture(glass, medicinal) bubbles have been used in the healing process for many years. The method originated from folk medicine, where bubbles were used primarily to treat the common cold and flu.

Chinese rubber bubbles are used in therapeutic and relaxation massages; they help relieve back pain and reduce cellulite/stretch marks as well as muscle tension. Cupping therapy also speeds up metabolism, improves blood circulation and supports toxin elimination processes.

Effects of Chinese bubble massage

  • Relaxation of muscle tension and its' effects,
  • Regulation of metabolism and (dys)function of the body,
  • Leveling of cellulite, reduction of body fat,
  • Removal of keratinized epidermis,
  • Improved firmness and flexibility of the skin,
  • Reduced swelling,
  • Improved blood circulation,
    Cleansing the body of toxins,
  • Nourishement of subcutaneous tissues,
  • Analgesic effect.

Indications for cupping therapy:

  • Cellulite(orange skin),
  • Lymphedema,
  • Tense and sore muscles,
  • Sciatica, shoulder sciatica,
  • Injuries, joint sprains,
  • Spine diseases,
  • Disturbed energy flow in the meridians,
  • Hypertension,
  • Torticollis,
  • Headaches,
  • Hormonal imbalances,
  • Digestion and excretion disorders,
  • Frequent colds and infections of various origin,
  • Diseases of internal organs(e.g. lungs, stomach, kidneys).

Contraindications for cupping therapy:

  • Pregnancy, menstruation,
  • Elevated body temperature, tuberculosis,
  • Blood clotting disorders,
  • Breaks in the skin and skin inflammation, varicose veins, vascular skin,
  • Exudative arthritis,
  • Swelling of unknown origin,
  • Tumors.

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