Relaxation massage
Relaxing back massage

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is a therapeutic, cosmetic and relaxing method. A gentle, almost sensual touch is combined with deep massage of muscle contractures and painful areas. The level of muscle relaxation can be so great that some patients experience temporary difficulty in controlling their bodies.

Relaxation massage is an exotic, luxurious treatment with a comprehensive effect on many senses. It makes the skin firm and rejuvenated, and the patient's body will be in visibly better shape - refreshed, slimmer, and cleansed of toxins.

Comprehensive effect on the senses

Part of the charm of this massage is the environment: lit candles, soft music, wafting aromas... Treatments gradually reduce mental and physical muscle tension. This massage will make you feel special, find inner peace and balance, and feel an improvement in well-being, relaxing your body and mind.

Fragrant essential oils, environment and music therapy have a soothing effect on the state of a person, their mind and emotions. A variety of stimuli, affecting many senses, have a fantastic effect on the nervous system, diminishing the negative impact of long-term stress.

Indications for relaxationg massage

This massage has a beneficial effect on the patient's body, harmonizes the brain and nervous system. It improves mood, thanks to the release of the happiness hormone (endorphins). We recommend it for people from all paths of life - whether you're active and intense with an acidic body, or spend most of your days stationary.

  • Excessive work, living in a constant rush, severe stress, chronic fatigue,
  • Neurosis, sleep disorders, chronic states of anxiousness, depression,
  • Lack of recovery despite prolonged relaxation.


This massage relaxes myofascial tensions from restricted movement or due to prolonged poor posture. Relaxation massage is indicated for healthy people in need of calm, tranquility, and overall regeneration - to maintain psychophysical balance.

Contraindications for relaxation and calming massage:

  • Feverish states,
  • Acute inflammatory conditions.
  • The first trimester of pregnancy,
  • Cancerous diseases,
  • Skin irritations, unhealed wounds,
  • Infectious diseases (especially skin diseases),
  • Atherosclerosis, heart defects, aneurysms, hypertension (diastolic 110),
  • Circulatory, kidney and liver failure; hemophilia,
  • Extensive varicose veins, inflammation or thrombosis of veins,
  • Fresh fractures, dislocations and sprains,
  • Bone fractures, ulcers of the lower legs, purulent conditions,
  • Condition immediately after tearing of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules,
  • Skin diseases, blisters, eczema, unhealed wounds,
  • Syringomyelia, osteomyelitis with fistulas.

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