Camertone therapy

Camertone sound therapy

Camertone therapy is an effective way to heal even the toughest diseases, as well as improve the quality of life - for everyone. This method is capable of healing roughly 250 types of disease.

Therapeutic camertones are tuned in such a way, that they resonate at frequencies of healthy functioning of our internal organs - allowing us to tune them back to health. With camertone therapy, the patient also gains inner peace and joy.

Deep cellular sound healing

Camertone therapy is a method developed by Barbara Romanowska. The classic fork-shaped camertone was invented in 1711, as a reliable source of particular frequency for tuning instruments. 

Sound therapy uses slightly larger tools, however, tuned to the natural frequencies of healthy internal organs.

Regular immersion in the sound of a properly tuned therapeutic camertone induces self-regulation of the malfunctioning organ, restoring its' natural frequency and healing capacity.

How healing camertones work

It's worth noting that cancer cells, treated this way, disintegrate - as they are not resistant to certain frequencies and simply break when subjected to fast vibrations of a camertone.

Their inability to tune in to the sound made by a healing camertone causes their destruction - and subsequent removal from the body, along with toxins.

Sound treatment and prevention

Camertone therapy can also be used prophylactically, as it helps maintain optimal functioning of the patient's body. It helps keep the mind calm, brings solace, peace and a sense of inner joy.

This body-tuning treatment restores the natural energy balance, allowing the patient to release many negative emotions. This makes it not only possible, but easy, to feel harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit, and stimulate regenerative processes.

Restoring the natural energy balance

Most diseases have their roots in energy imbalance. This is why the so-called basic cleansing and regulating technique is used to restore balance, cleanse the energy centers and regulate the functioning of organs, while cleansing them with a "vibrational shower".

Examples of diseases cured by camertone therapy

The range of healing applications of camertones is very wide, because sound is an excellent tool for accelerating convalescence. Furthermore, the cleansing effect expels toxins from the body.

Sound healing therapy can cure many disorders and even the most serious diseases.
Here are just a few examples of conditions treated with camertones:

  • Inflammatory conditions,
  • Tumors, cysts, stones,
  • Diseases of the skeletal system,
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system,
  • Diseases of the digestive system,
  • Diseases of the respiratory system,
  • Chronic states of depression,
  • Chronic fatigue and stress,
  • Menopause, obesity and cellulite,
  • Pain of various origins,
  • Mental disorders,
  • Autism, Parkinson's disease, MS,
  • Mineral deficiency,
  • Cancer of various origins.

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