Klimuszko's Tibetan massage

Father Klimuszko's Tibetan massage

Tibetan bio-massage, according to the concept of Father Klimuszko, is a treatment that regulates, energizes, and regenerates our biofield. It unblocks the flow of energy in meridians, balances and harmonizes the work of internal organs and relaxes the physical body.

Effective detoxification

Father Klimuszko's bio-massage strongly detoxifies the body, cleansing it of deposits and toxins. It consists of almost non-contact movements that start at the patient's head area and extend to the back and legs.

The powerful effects of Tibetan biomassage

Klimuszko's biomassage has a very strong effect on life energy - to the extent that it causes hypersensitivity to all kinds of drugs.
For this reason, during the entire span of the treatment, you should absolutely avoid any alcohol or cigarettes and keep coffee drinking to a minimum.

  • Treatment of neurosis, depression, allergies,
  • Thrombophlebitis,
  • Inflammation of lymph nodes,
  • Neuropathies, migraines,
  • Heart insufficiency,
  • Disorders of blood circulation.

Therapeutic radiesthesia

The first signs of disease, even before the commonly recognized external symptoms, are energetic disrupions and weakened energy fields.

Diagnosing disorders of the natural energy field

Using radiesthetic pendulums, the therapist checks organs, detecting disturbances in their energetic fields. Sending the right amount of energy of proper frequency, they restore the natural balance of energy which reactivates the body's self-healing system.

Healing power of radiesthesia

Radiesthetic treatments serve a healing function - their primary purpose is in relieving the sick body of influeces that interfere with its' natural flow of energy.

The next step is cleansing the patient of accumulated harmful energies, replacing them with a beneficial vibration.

Therapeutic application of radiesthesia

Therapeutic radiesthesia is primarily used in cases of disruption of the biofield that protects us from harmful energy influences. A healthy human body needs many stable - though different - types of energies, and their harmonious coexistence.

In the healing process, the therapist removes unnecessary negative energy in all its' forms from the sick patient. Only then do they saturate the body with life-supporting energies.

Effective diagnosis and treatment of disruptions in the body's energy fields limit the formation of many diseases. It also empowers the immune system, giving it strength to fight the disease - thanks to this, symptoms are reduced and healing occurs.

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