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Karolina Kryczka – physiotherapist, massage therapist, beautician, trainer

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Właścicielka Gabinetu CUD Karolina Kryczka

A woman of many passions

"Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful journeys in life - is the one within"


I'm a holistic therapist of body, mind and soul. Passionate about nature, healthy lifestyle and broadly understood spirituality. This passion of bringing harmony to the body (pl = "Ciało), the mind (pl = "Umysł) and spirit (pl = "Dusza") gave name to CUD - "a miracle". And this was, and still is, my deep intention in running the CUD Massage Parlour - to create miracles for human health.

I have been working with body and mind since 2007, taking deep interest in the human being as a set of qualities that coexist and influence each other. I have found the human body to be much more complex than we tend to think.

Health is the result of harmony

A holistic approach seems to be the only sensible one when treating diseases and their symptoms - especially chronic diseases. One of my highest priorities is giving people new ways of thinking and conducting their daily lives - as to help maintain health and physio-mental balance. My only objective is effective therapy - I refrain from passing judgement, but focus all of my attention on the solutions.

In my work, I combine methods and elements such as: psychosomatics, massage, biomassage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, psychology, physiology, total biology, cosmetology, as well as Western and - above all - Eastern therapeutic techniques of Ayurvedic, Chinese, Tibetan and Mongolian origin.

In order for such treatment to be effective - and my work fruitful - the entire spectrum of consciousness must be involved. Only a holistic therapy of both the body and mind (which reflects our state to a great extent) has a chance to give positive results.


We are the source of our own health

"If happiness hasn't arrived yet - it's just too big to move quickly"


As a professional, I use all the necessary treatment methods to unlock the inner resources that lie dormant in each of us. I create a safe and comfortable environment for my patients. Above all, I help them realize that they can lead a healthier life and find inner peace.

Never judging, only helping

“Happiness is a butterfly; try to catch it - and it flies away. Sit still - and it rests on your shoulder"


Effective therapy requires clear communication, because happiness doesn't mean the same to everyone. I work with body, mind, heart, soul to help my clients achieve a state of deep connection between health and fulfillment.

I personally create natural herbal and magnesium oils, body and hair cosmetic butters, body peeling preparations, lipsticks and many other ecological concoctions used - to be sure of their origin, quality and purity.


Science for amateurs, enthusiasts and specialists

I'm constantly improving my skills and expanding knowledge. To name a few of my professional titles and specializations: physiotherapist, masseur technician, biomasseur, acupuncturist, beauty technician. I studied philosophy, physiotherapy, massage, cosmetology and the art of acupuncture. I always strive to deepen my knowledge of Chinese medicine - especially the area of diagnosing diseases based on the state of the tongue and the appearance of eyeballs (iridology).

I co-work with InviMed - Infertility Treatment Clinic in Gdynia as well as "We want to be parents" and "Infertile Together" blogs. I specialize in reflexology, acupuncture, motivational methods and integral therapy as part of the treatment of infertility. I am a member of the Sangha of ZEN KWAM UM (Korean ZEN) school and the Polish Psychedelic Society - to study the influence of psychedelic (and other) plants on the human body.

Teacher of massage methods, cosmetics and unconventional medicine

As an expert and a certified massage technician, I share my knowledge with future and current specialists. I run classes for various vocational schools and universities, as well as courses commissioned by the Marshal's Office. I also work at the Neptun Post-Secondary School in Gdańsk and I'm a member of the Polish Association of Spiritual Healers (PSDU).

I teach massage and other healing techniques to amateurs and massage enthusiasts - individually, for couples, or in small groups (2-4 people). The offer of currently available courses can also be found in the Register of Training Institutions (RIS) at the Voivodeship Labor Office (WUP) in Gdańsk.


Rapid technological advance vs health

Technology expands so quickly that we aren't really prepared to cope with the overload of information. People are suffering from mental and emotional disorders to the extent never witnessed before. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, inability to cope with stress - all of thes (and more) cause many people to suffer. The excess of "noise" surrounding us is overwhelming, even on unscoscious levels.

The need for daily meditation

Meditation is one of the most effective methods of expanding consciousness and maintaining health - numerous scientific studies show it to be the cure for modern man. Nowadays, it seems to no longer be a choice to consider, but an essential part of our life hygiene. In short - meditation is a self-regulating technique, harmonizing all aspects of a human being: body, mind and spirit.

Sound healing

While studying philosophy, I have been exploring the effects of sound on the human body - and its' surprising application in both ancient and modern times. I am studying the methods of the indigneous shamans, fascinated by the healing effects of their instruments - especially the hoop drum.

The trance state induced by the shamanic drum focuses one's consciousness on usually unconscious dimensions of mind; there, suppressed memories and emotions are automatically revealed - and released.


Love, Freedom and Energy

These three aspects hold a special meaning in everyone's life: Love, Freedom and Energy (Power). All of them create a synergy, each supporting the others to create a new quality of life. If you are loved, free, loving and "high-vibrational" - you are completely healthy, happy and fulfilled. A desire to share your joy is then a natural consequence... you emanate what you are, and attract the same.


The key to a new life

When you come to me seeking help, you get the key to a new life - to rediscover yourself and gradually transform what doesn't serve you anymore and hinders your growth. I provide a vast amount of healing energy to serve you as support. I encourage you to explore and consider your unlimited potential.

Start practicing your intuitive ability to feel, see and know - so that your perception can support your new life in making the best possible choices. Ask yourself: do you feel an inner urge to embody who you truly are? If you have only enough light around you to see just the next step - it's enough. Slow down for a moment and consider: what do I need to focus on, right now, to get to where I want to be?

What energy do I choose to fuel my actions, decisions and thoughts throughout the day? Take this here-and-now moment to consider what you choose for yourself in your daily life. Remember: what you choose daily becomes your path, your way, your INTENT - by which you direct your life and establish the form it takes. In the end, the only one who deeply knows how to heal yourself on all levels - is none other than YOU.

Helping you find your balance

My mission is to help balance all manifestations of your existence, by finding the causes of discomfort, realizing them, and then releasing them from your body and mind. With respect, and full dedication, I will help you by all means and techniques known to me - to know yourself, return to yourself and take care of yourslelf.


Integral-holistic therapy

My specialty is integral-holistic therapy, incorporating elements of unconventional Ayurvedic, Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian and European medicine. I use touch (massage), acupuncture, cosmetics, herbal/plant medicine, shouting, dance, yoga, stretching and meditation.

Massage techniques offered:

  • Chinese bubble massage,
  • Thai foot massage,
  • Health massage (such as for sciatica),
  • Breuss massage (for spinal diseases),
  • Relaxation massage,
  • Spa massages: with chocolate, honey, stones, stamps.

Acupuncture techniques:

  • Addiction therapy (addiction to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, sweets),
  • Therapy of obesity and metabolic disorders,
  • Urological therapy (urinary incontinence, cystitis, kidney stones),
  • Therapy of sexual disorders (impotence, frigidity),
  • Therapy of neurological disorders (headaches, paresis after strokes, dizziness, tinnitus),
  • Therapy of mental and emotional disorders (depression, neurosis, insomnia).

Other treatments:

  • Cupping therapy,
  • Moxotherapy,
  • Tapping (wrapping with elastic patches),
  • Fascial-muscle-ligament therapy,
  • Cosmetic treatments of body and face,
  • Herbal medicine (selecting specific herbs for ailments),
  • Ear candling.


Selected certificates:


Bio-regeneration, beauty treatments and massages: cosmetic acupuncture, anti-cellulite massage, chakra cleansing, quantum bioanalysis of the state of the body:

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