Danuta - beauty therapist, bioenergotherapist

Danuta CUD


Unconventional medicine is my passion

I am a beauty therapist by profession, and an unconventional medicine practitioner by passion.

I have completed Reiki courses with the title of master, Barbara Romanowska's Sound Academy (deep cellular sound healing, camertone therapy) and a course in radiesthesia with an emphasis on therapeutic radiesthesia, with Alicja Rospond. I have also obtained the title of bioenergotherapist from the Lublin Chamber of Crafts.

I have learned to perform phantom surgery using the SKASIE method under Siegmund Georg Skawinski. I also perform ear conching, as well as examinations with a magnetic resonance analyzer.


  • Magnetic resonance analysis,
  • Bioenergotherapy,
  • Sonic massage with Tibetan bowls,
  • Face, neck, neckline and shoulder massage with Tibetan bowls,
  • Unconventional medicine,
  • Deep cellular sound healing,
  • Chakra cleansing and energizing,
  • Phantom surgery using the SKASIE method (no scalpel),
  • Radiesthesia,
  • Reiki,
  • Camertone therapy,
  • Prana energy healing.

Treatments performed:

  • Father Klimuszko's Tibetan Massage,
  • Quantum bio-analysis of the body's condition,
  • Therapeutic radiesthesia,
  • Camertone therapy.

Bio-regeneration, beauty treatments and massages: cosmetic acupuncture, anti-cellulite massage, chakra cleansing, quantum bioanalysis of the state of the body:

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