Bioenergetic Therapy

Bioenergetic Therapy

The main focus of bioenergetic therapy is finding abnormal patters of energy flowing through a person's biofield; by doing so, we can identify the causes of many diseases and ailments - so that we can conduct a process to cleanse the patient's body effectively.

The therapist alters the flow of energy in the patient - so that the areas with energy deficiencies receive support from areas with excessive amounts. This stabilizes the body's funcioning, mobilizes it to fight disease and promotes its' natural self-healing capacity.

Aura as an image of an energetic state

All somatic and mental diseases, as well as other disorders, are visible in the human aura - a natural field of subtle energy that surrounds a human body. The bioenergetic therapist locates disorders and removes energy blockages. The restoration of a state of natural balance is, essentially, the recovery of health.

Individual energetic sensitivity of the patient

The effects of therapy depend on the type of ailment and the patient's condition. Relief of abdominal pain or headache brings visible results as soon as after the first treatment.

Chronic diseases require a whole set of treatments. Their number depends on the patient's energetic sensitivity and the stage of the disease. More resistant patients will require more treatments than those who are sensitive.

Bio-regeneration, beauty treatments and massages: cosmetic acupuncture, anti-cellulite massage, chakra cleansing, quantum bioanalysis of the state of the body:

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