Price list

Price list of massages and treatments of CUD Massage Parlour


Consultation cosists of:

  • Subject and physical history,
  • Discussing expectations and the possibility of their realization,
  • A preliminary diagnosis,
  • Recommendations, e.g. exercises, dietary changes, heat therapy, self-massage,
  • Selection of appropriate treatments or referral to another facility,
  • Patient care.

Subsequent consultation visit: 90 PLN.

We also arrange and program home rehabilitation - the valuation is done individually after a conversation.Online consultation is also possible.




  • Aromadrainage (e.g. after mastectomy, cellulite, peripheral circulation insufficiency),
  • Breuss massage (for spinal disorders, e.g. degeneration, discopathy),
  • Detoxifying massage (removing toxins from the body),
  • Deep tissue energy massage with bamboo sticks,
  • Gua-Sha massage (Chinese healing treatment with a buffalo horn plate),
  • Massage for pregnant women and postpartum (eliminates swelling, relaxes tension),
  • Sports massage (for intensely training amateurs and professionals),
  • Thai massage (e.g., severe, long-term pain especially in the spine, stiffness),
  • Massage in various conditions (after surgery, during recovery; sciatica and shoulder sciatica, contusions, sprains, migraines, constipation, muscle tension),
  • Neuroreflex therapy (e.g. nervous system disorders).
  • Head and neck massage for severe headaches, neck pain.

RELAXATION MASSAGES: 200 PLN/hour, 110 PLN/30 min.

  • Aromatherapy massage with hot fragrant oils,
  • Polynesian - oxygenating and invigorating massage with coconut bowls,
  • Massage with hot stones or herbal stamps,
  • Relaxation massage with oils containing natural magnesium,
  • Fertility-enhancing massage.
  • Massage for soothing the senses, for 4 hands (performed by 2 masseuses): 340 PLN/hour.

COSMETIC & BEAUTY MASSAGES 210 PLN/hour, 120 PLN/30 min.

  • Anti-aging massage (body shaping),
  • Chinese/silicone bubble massage,
  • Deep skin revitalizing massage (performed with vitamin drops),
  • Slimming and anti-cellulite massage (tightens the skin and enhances its' condition),
  • Anti-wrinkle Gua-Sha massage (massage with a buffalo horn plate),
  • Firming massage (lifts the breasts), Face, neck and neckline massage (cosmetic, lifting, detoxifying, stones, herbal stamps, brush, peeling).


  • Strongly cleansing and moisturizing massage with hot honey: 390 PLN/90 min,
  • Massage with real, hot chocolate (stimulates the growth of endorphins): 390 PLN/90 min.

SPA MASSAGES - OTHER: 290 PLN/hour, 170 PLN/30 min.

  • Peeling massage with hot powdered amber.
  • Hot-cold treatment (makes skin more elastic, reduces orange peel),
  • Body Wrapping slimming treatment (restores skin radiance).

A body wash is required after the above spa treatments. Shower available on-site.


  • Paraffin treatment for hands or feet (massage + peeling + mask + paraffin) 180/220 PLN.

Paraffin treatment is performed on one (your choice: hands or feet) or two parts of the body.


  • Shantala massage (an ancient technique of massaging children and babies),
  • Relaxation or sports massage (for children).



  • Japanese Empress's kobido massage: 260 PLN/hour; 150 PLN/30 min.

FACE - Treatments according to skin type: 260 PLN/hour; 150 PLN/30 min.

Note: Each of the following treatments combines any of the face, neck and neckline massages, as well as the activities assigned to each item - and the preparations or masks used.

Face, neck and neckline massages, according to skin type, with selected set of treatments and/or preparations:

  • Mature skin - anti-age, lifting, regenerating/rejuvenating treatment. Cleansing with iontophoresis + lactic acid + sonophoresis + vitamin of youth ampoule with hyaluronic acid + lifting mask a'la botox + tightening serum with aloe vera,
  • Mixed skin - normalizing treatment. Face peeling + mandelic acid + hyaluronic acid ampoule + iontophoresis + white tea-based mask + mattifying cream,
  • Vascular skin - treatment to strengthen blood vessels. Galvanization + sonophoresis + serum with rutin + mask based on herbs: Arnica Montana, wild myrtle flowers, horse chestnut + vascular strengthening cream with vitamin C, PP and K,
  • Dry/sensitive skin - intensely moisturizing treatment. Cleansing with iontophoresis + galvanization + ampoule with moisturizing pearls + gypsium mask + collagen cream,
  • Oily/acne-prone skin - normalizing and mattifying treatment. Mandelic acid + tea tree or almond oil compress + sebum-regulating serum + astringent/normalizing/green clay-based mask + fruit acid cream,
  • Polluted/greasy skin - detox treatment. Mandelic acid + galvanization + brightening serum with vitamin A, E, K + iontophoresis + peloid mask + strongly regenerating cream.
  • Treatment for the eye area reducing dark circles and preventing skin aging. Special attention to the eye area + vibration massage + youth vitamin ampoule with hyaluronic acid + collagen patches + face mask + serum + cream at the end, according to skin type.



  • Bioenergotherapy: 200 PLN,
  • Energy protection: 200 PLN,
  • Chakra cleansing: 200 PLN,
  • Detection of water veins: 260 PLN,
  • Reiki: 200 PLN,
  • Prana energy healing (also distance treatments): 200 PLN,
  • Camertone therapy: 200 PLN.



  • Acupuncture: 120 PLN/50 min,
  • Therapeutic and relaxation inhalations: 70 PLN/20 min,
  • Quantum bio-analysis of the body's condition with specialist advice: 200 PLN,
  • Moxotherapy (herbal heat treatment): 100 PLN,
  • UVB lamp irradiation: (support for the body in the production of vitamin D3 during autumn and winter): 50 PLN/8, 12, 14 min,
  • Glass and vacuum bubbles: (supporting the body during the cold season): 110 PLN/30 min,
  • Ear candling/concealing: 110/120 PLN,
  • Kinesiotaping: (muscle and ligament therapy, taping with plasters): 60 PLN/part of the body.

We perform massages at the client's place for an extra cost of travel.



  • Individual classes: 190 PLN/hour;
  • Couples: 240 PLN/hour (120 PLN per person);
  • Group of four persons: 240 PLN/hour (80 PLN per person).


Last price list update April 11, 2024.

Bio-regeneration, beauty treatments and massages: cosmetic acupuncture, anti-cellulite massage, chakra cleansing, quantum bioanalysis of the state of the body:

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